CESS Conferences

CESS 2017 at University of Washington - session in progressOne of the core functions of the Central Eurasian Studies Society is to organize conferences that bring together the Central Eurasian scholarly community.

In 2018, CESS will hold our 19th Annual Conference (CESS 2018) at the University of Pittsburgh, USA.

The Annual Conference has been held in North America every year since 2000.  These are scheduled in the autumn, usually sometime between mid-September and early November.

“I thought that the whole CESS 2016 conference was spectacularly successful. The sessions I attended were informative and very interesting, while the keynote presentation by Dr Kotkin was absolutely brilliant... Thank you to the entire CESS team for a really great event. Everything went smoothly and on time. The sessions were interesting and the collegiality on all occasions was exemplary.”

Delegate feedback from the 17th Annual Conference at Princeton University

The Regional Conference has been held in a location within Central Eurasia every two years since 2008. The scheduling varies according the situation of the host country and institution, but events have been held between May and August in the past.

For more information about these events, please follow these links: