Organization, Committees and Activities

How CESS Is Organized

CESS is a volunteer-driven organization with one part-time staff member, the Administrative Coordinator. Leadership of the Society is provided by the CESS Board, whose members are all volunteers. Everything we do depends on the support and involvement of members. 

CESS Committees

CESS has a number of committees, which are listed below. The committees reflect our priority activities in establishing an organization that really helps to build the community of Central Eurasian scholarship. 

CESS members interested in serving on a committee, or forming a new committee are encouraged to contact the Chair of the committee or the general CESS address at

Conference Committee: Tim Blauvelt (Chair of the Annual Conference Committee), Leila Almazova, Aksana Ismailbekova, Marianne Kamp, Marlene Laruelle, Philip Lyon, Scott Levi, Jennifer Murtazashvili (observer status), Scott Radnitz, John Schoeberlein (Chair of the Regional Conference Committee)

The Conference Committee plans and implements the CESS Annual and Regional Conferences. Tasks include overseeing the call for proposals, finding peer reviewers and selecting papers, communication with delegates, planning the conference program, liaising with the institutional host of the conference and more! This committee is supported by the CESS Administrative Coordinator and staff at the conference host institution.

Awards CommitteeDavid Montgomery (Chair), Leila Almazova, Gardner Bovingdon, Marlene Laruelle, Amanda Wooden

The Awards Committee recognizes important contributions and contributors to Central Eurasian studies globally. The committee decides on the four CESS awards: the Book AwardBest Graduate Student Paper AwardPublic Outreach Award and Lifetime Service Award. It also awards the status of CESS Honorary Member.  

Communications CommitteeAmanda Wooden (Chair), Morgan Liu (CESS Blog), Gardner Bovingdon, Aksana Ismailbekova 

The Communication Committee manages the CESS Blog, social media (find us on Facebook and Twitter) page and group, and our Twitter presence) and other communications efforts.

Elections CommitteeJohn Schoeberlein (Chair), Marlene Laruelle, Jim Millward, Kevin Tuite.

Information to follow! 

Institutional Linkages Committee: Jennifer Murtazashvili (Chair), Gardner Bovingdon, Marlene Laruelle

The committee on institutional linkages promotes the establishment and maintenance of partnerships between CESS and relevant academic and professional organizations that focus on Central Eurasia or its constituent parts.

Membership CommitteeJohn Schoeberlein (Chair), Leila Almazova, Aida Alymbayeva, Diana Kudaibergenova, Cynthia Werner.

CESS has a membership of 600 people from around the world. The work of this committee entails developing and pursuing imaginative ways to attract new members and meet the interests of our members in order to support strong communities of scholarship in all of the regions and disciplines which CESS can encompass.

Regional Outreach Committee: Aksana Ismailbekova and Leila Almazova (joint Chairs)

Information to follow!